Our FREE Factoring Fundamentals Course is designed to provide an overview of what Factoring is, How it helps businesses, and what we do as Factoring Business Brokers. Students should enroll in this course if they are thinking of becoming a Factoring Business Broker and would like to evaluate if this career field would be right for them or how attending classes in our Million $$$ Broker Training Program would be. 


This Course will cover:
- What Factoring is and how it can help
- Fees associated with Factoring for Clients
- Why Factoring is a good option for our clients
- Key information to consider 
How much can your commissions be on a deal
- Requirements to get our client's approved


NOTE: Fee for enrollment in this course is currently reduced from the regular price of $150 to FREE. Normally, any student who enrolls in the Million $$$ Broker Training Program following attendance in this course would be credited back the $150 enrollment fee on their program enrollment.   During this FREE Promotional period the fee credits will not apply since you will not first be paying a fee. 


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