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  • "The training and information is immeasurable, the response level is second to none. I am so excited about the opportunity to become a million dollar broker, with the step by step training that's provided you can't help but be a success, if you follow the plan you can walk into your wealthy place. I highly recommend FactorCareers" - Dot W. (Sept. 2019)

  • "Good training options available with a good teacher". - Robert C. (Sept. 2019)

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What You Can Expect From This Course

The training and Tools you need; All on-line where you need them.

Connections with Funding Partners and contracts to work with them by the time you finish the course.

Secrets and Tips to improving work output and increase your earning potential.




Million $$$ Broker Master
Million $$$ Broker Student
Million $$$ Broker Master
Million $$$ Broker Student

Personal testimony is something most people can envision. This makes it very authentic. . . Very sincere and real.

As a combat veteran, I appreciate structure in training. I found this Broker Training to be very well developed. 

Very powerful and informative.  .  .  Literally everything I needed to know was in there. . . Amazing Course. 

I met Chris and we started talking. What an awesome conversation. I am already a CPA, but this is fantastic. . . I cannot wait to finish the course and get started.

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