Congratulations Are In Order!

You have taken the first steps as a candidate for a career as a Factoring Business Broker.

This Orientation Process will take some time to compete, so please do not start the process until you have time available to complete everything at once. 

Video Overview of Requirements

As brokers, we work hand in hand with many large Banks and other National Lending Institutions. These Institutions are frequently audited, and must ensure that they maintain Federal regulations at all times. As a result, we are not able to admit anyone into the training program unless the following steps have first been completed.


Please follow the steps in order for your qualifications to be verified before we can continue to the next section of the program.


As a matter of risk mitigation, many financial institutions will not work with someone with a credit rating lower than 550. In order to ensure that your application is approved, we need an updated credit score from a secure provider. Please click the button below to be re-directed to a secure page of one of our trusted partners which will provide you with this up to date report.

*** Note: This partner offers a totally free reporting service to you for both personal and business credit. Membership may be canceled at any time but this is a good resource for you to utilize with your Brokerage Clients as well. Feel free to sign up so that you can view your score. (Just put your name in for the business name) Take a screenshot (we need your score, the date, and your name only on the screenshot), and then cancel the membership if you choose. It is simple to do and we have never had a single complaint from our members.  If you happen to have a recent (within 1 week) score from a different provider already, feel free to just send us that and save the time.  


Now that you have your screenshot with your current credit rating dated as of today, we now need a background check from you to verify that you have no convictions (especially financial crimes) that would preclude you from working with the funding partners in the network. Please click the button below to be re-directed to a secure page for one of our trusted partners which will provide you with this up to date report.

*** Note: This report is conducted by live search and there is a $1 fee associated with the search required to verify your identity and record. Sadly, this is an unavoidable expense. We are not in the reporting business here at but we can offer this to you from our secure partnership with PeopleFinders. You must wait a little bit for the $1 popup or it will charge you more. Be patient as the popup does take a couple of minutes on the checkout screen. Once you have received your report, take a screenshot of the criminal section and then proceed to step 3.


Click the button below to email copies of your background check and credit score screenshot to us for review and confirmation. Once we have verified your information is in compliance with all regulations, we will contact you with information to continue your application.