About Our Program

Everything you need, in 1 Box!

Module 1

  • Module 1 Video

  • What is a Broker

  • How to Get Paid As a Broker

  • How to Access Other People's Money to make your Deals


Module 2

  • Module 2 Video 1

  • Module 2 Video 2

  • The Magical World of Funding Partners


Module 3

  • Module 3 Video

  • Negotiating Contracts

  • Getting Signed with Partners

  • Building Relationships with BDOs

  • Interview Transcript with a Partner


Module 4

  • Module 4 Video

  • Meeting Clients

  • Closing Clients

  • Organizing Your Deals

  • Knowing Your Worth

  • Determining How to Set Fees

  • Chris’ Super-Secret Formula

Classroom Sessions

  • Basic Course Students have access to 5 weekly classes + Access for questions via email

  • Masters Course Students have access to 9 weekly classes + Access for questions via email, text, and phone.

Bonus 1 & 2

  • Chris' Super-Secret Formula for getting paid from BOTH sides of the table.

  • Chris' Hush-Hush resources for 100% Totally FREE Broker Coaching for LIFE!

Once you complete the Program

Not only will you be trained s a Factoring Business Broker, but we have already pre-negotiated your first Broker Contract with a National Factoring Firm which has agreed to work with you, sight unseen, based solely on the value of the comprehensive training you have received in the Million $$$ Broker Course. 


In addition, we provide

A ready-made business in a box complete with access to a fully functioning Business Funding website, templates and scripts for engaging with and presenting to clients, as well as fully customizable contracts that you can use to start marketing yourself as a broker and getting deals closed now, not later. 

Currently, the Broker market is holding well and has room to accommodate more brokers, but this could change so hurry and sign up for your spot in the class today!

Meet our Designers and Students
Creator of the Million $$$ Broker

"I love being a broker! Such a rewarding career and a fantastic lifestyle."
Military Veteran and Entrepreneur

"I found the value of this program right away. Great Training, Great Resources. Great new Career."
Independent Broker

"I met Chris and we started talking. After taking the training, I can't believe how easy this is to do!"
Business Development Officer

"Chris has put together an excellent training program for Brokers starting out. I have worked with him for years and trust his information."
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Creator of the Million $$$ Broker "I love being a broker! Such a rewarding career and a fantastic lifestyle."